A big thank you to our 2016 cider and perry bar sponsor Sonar.


This year’s ‘line-up’ is fantastic! We have an Ciderfect an organic cider brewed in the Wye Vally, a crisp, intense, dry cider by Gwynt Y Ddraig. We'll also be serving some of Somerset's best with a slow fermented medium cider from King Brain and a multi-award winning craft scrumpy, Triple D from Rosie’s. Williams Brothers are known for their hand crafted ciders from Caerphilly county in South Wales, this one's a sweet one – yep, there’s a tipple for everyone!

Each year Charlbury Sharecroppers pick about 2 tonnes of apples from gardens within 9 miles of Charlbury for giving away at fortnightly Big Apple Take-Aways. Last year was a good year for apples and a windfall apples were pressed and fermented using only natural yeasts to make 60 gallons of cider. We've selected the best two barrels for the Charlbury Beer Festival.

Pyramus - a lovely dry refreshing cider made from apples ripe in the middle of September Inc. Worcester Permain and Discovery. Thisbe - delicious medium cider made from apples ripe in the middle of October Inc. Kidd's Orange Red and Sunset.


From Broome Farm, Ross on Wye, we'll be serving a small batch, hand crafted perry. We'll also have a sweet perry with deep toffee and pear flavour from our Days Cottage.

Perrys are highlighted in red in the list below.


Cider FarmDrinkStyle
CiderfectCiderDry 6.5%
King BrainCiderMedium 6.5%
Charlbury SharecroppersPyramus CiderDry 4.7%
Charlbury SharecroppersThisbe CiderMedium 5.7%
GwyntyddraigAncient Warrior CiderMedium 6.5%
Rosie'sTriple D CiderMedium 6.8%
William BrothersCiderMedium/Sweet 6.3%
Day's CottagePerryMedium 7.5%
Ross on WyePerryMedium 6%