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Aunt Sally at Charlbury Beer Festival




2024 Open Singles World Championship

Entries now open!

Charlbury Beer Festival is once again proud to host the Aunt Sally Open Singles World Championship. The championship is a highlight of the festival day, with players travelling from over country (and world!) to compete.

Entries for the championship are now open. Please fill in the form below to enter.


Unlike league Aunt Sally, the open singles World Championship is not a team event. Ours is a singles, knock out competition in which players participate as individuals. Names are drawn out of a 'hat' in FA Cup football fashion. Each round involves a game of three legs. Each leg consists of six throws and a point is counted only as long as the stick hits the doll before the iron. In the event of a tie after three legs, each player throws three sticks each, and if the scores are still even, the game enters a sudden-death round, in which players throw one stick at a time until one player is eliminated. The winner goes through to the next round. Otherwise normal rules apply and the umpire's decision is final.


Registration for all players opens at 12.00. The draw will take place at 1.00. The competition will start at 1.30.

Non-league players who wish to enter should register before 12.30. A pre-qualifying session will take place between 12.30 and 1.00, and successful players will be entered into the main draw.


You can register now by completing the form below. Online entries will close at 1pm on Friday 28th June. You can still register on the day (29th June!) between 12.00 and 12.30. For other Aunt Sally enquiries, please contact Gill Begnor.

You must be at the draw at 1pm to find out the time of your first match.

Non-league players must be present at 12.30 for pre-qualifying.

We won't share your email address and we'll only use it to contact you about this year's championship.
Do you compete in a league? Non-league players must arrive at 12.30 for pre-qualifying.


Rob Bradford 2022 Champion 2022 & 2023 Champion - Rob Bradford
2023Rob BradfordOxfordshire
2022Rob BradfordOxfordshire
2021Championship not held
2020Championship not held
2019Phil AdamsOxfordshire
2018Kevin PowneyOxfordshire
2017Roger GoodallOxfordshire
2016Barry ParkerOxfordshire
2015Roger GoodallOxfordshire
2014Henry JohnsonOxfordshire
2013Steve McAteerGloucestershire
2012Steve McAteerGloucestershire
2011Trevor DyerGloucestershire