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CBF 2024

If you've got any burning questions regarding the day, the answers could be below. If not, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

When is it?

Saturday 29th June 2024 from noon until around 9pm.

Where is it?

Charlbury Cricket Club, opposite Charlbury railway station. OX7 3QG.

We recommend getting a train to Charlbury. However, car parking is available at the station (operated by APCOA).

Are dogs allowed at the festival?

Sorry, because of the rules concerning the cricket club who host us, with the exception of assistance animals, no dogs are allowed on the site.

How much are tickets?

You can buy tickets online. They provide discounts over the prices below.

On the day, entry to the festival is £8 (free for under 18s). Beer and cider drinkers are required to purchase a glass (you will not be served without one) and tokens. £20 gets you entry, a glass, and £10 of drink tokens.

So, it's £20 for beer/cider drinkers and £8 for other adults.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

We do not allow alcoholic drinks to brought onto the site. This is primarily for licensing reasons but also because we are trying to raise money for local causes.

Can I bring my own glass / tankard?

You will only be served beer and cider in the official glass. This is make sure everyone pays the right entry fee and to make sure the correct measures are served. Of course, there's nothing to stop you pouring that beer into a tankard afterwards!

Are under 18s allowed at the festival?

Absolutely. Charlbury Beer Festival is a child-friendly, family event. Bring everyone (except pets please)!

Can I park at the cricket club?

No parking is allowed at the cricket club. You can park across the road at the railway station (operated by APCOA).

Will the bars accept cards? / Do I need cash?

We love cards. Please bring a card for your entrance and drink tokens. Food vendors may accept cash, as well as the soft drink and tea stalls.

Will you run out of beer or cider?

Beers will run out through the day. The earlier you come, the more likely you are to be able to be able to choose from all the beers.

Who runs the festival?

This is a charitable event run by a registered charity: Charlbury And Overseas Community Projects (1110285). The festival is organised and operated by local volunteers, solely to raise money for good causes. 100% of our profits are awarded as grants.